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The Best Day

Date: May 22, 2012 Categories: Cinematography, Just For Fun, Videography Comments: No Comments Share:
For our church’s Mother’s Day service this year, I had the privilege of singing “The Best Day” (originally by Taylor Swift). They had mentioned that the original video by Swift featured home movies of her and asked us to maybe incorporate something similar into the video that would play during the song.  WELL…. My parents were not exactly up on all the technology as I was growing up, so we only had pictures to work with and I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of a random slideshow of my life!  So Barry and I storyboarded and filmed this video that works with what we had, fits the song (with some lyric adjustments from the original) and almost looks like my parents DID actually make some home movies of me as a kid.  Thankfully my little bug looks A LOT like her mama, MY mother never throws anything away (dress and shoes were mine from when I was 3!) and there is lots of beautiful scenery surrounding Plainfield that we could play in.  Enjoy!!
P.S. Our apologies to the random farmhouse whose front yard we filmed in… hope the discovery of a cute little girlie running through your yard and a man and woman with a video camera didn’t freak you out TOO much.

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