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Stephanie & Hakan Wedding Highlight Film | Adler Planetarium

Date: August 15, 2022 Categories: Cinematography, Highlight Films, Videography, Weddings Comments: No Comments Share:

Chicago is a magical city – with its mix of architecture, art, sports, politics, and people from all different backgrounds and cultures coming together to add to it’s color. Which is how a boy with Peruvian roots (Hakan) and a girl with Turkish heritage (Stephanie) would come across each other on a dating app and ultimately get married 4 years later at the spot of their first date – Adler Planetarium.

After a cross country move, medical school residency completed and a LOT of planning from out of state, they finally made it official with friends and family from around the world while overlooking the beautiful waters of Lake Michigan.

That’s one year down and forever to go!

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