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Eleni & Nick Wedding Film Trailer

Date: October 24, 2014 Categories: Cinematography, Trailers, Videography, Weddings Comments: No Comments Share:

Some guys will do anything to win the heart of the fair maiden: climb towers, slay dragons, become the church organist, or even direct a horror film that impressed Roger Ebert himself (seriously, he gave “Munger Rd” 3/4 stars!) – before realizing that said fair maiden was terrified of scary movies…

Thankfully, Nick’s 2nd attempt in a movie theatre went over a little better – with Eleni accepting his big screen proposal :)

And did I mention “church organist”? Well, how about classic film score themes on a traditional organ for the ceremony… thematically spilling into an incredible musical performance at the reception by the groom’s sisters – who arranged a medley of 11 film scores ranging from childhood favorites like “Mary Poppins”, to epic love stories like “Titanic”, to (of course) “Batman”.

Throw in a beautiful bride, a handsome groom, tons of friends, family, and plenty of Greek dancing and you’ve got yourself a day that dreams are made of… or really great movies ;-)

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