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April & Jeremy Wedding Film Trailer

Date: February 17, 2015 Categories: Cinematography, Trailers, Videography, Weddings Comments: No Comments Share:

April and Jeremy are nothing if not “original”. And from their first date, to their engagement, to their wedding itself (at the beautiful County Line Orchard); this was overwhelmingly evident :)

The first time we got a chance to talk with them, we ended up geeking out over Harry Potter, our favorite film scores, choice cinematography and our mutual love of movies in general. We were so pumped to get a chance to tell THEIR unique story.

When the wedding day arrived, that excitement multiplied. Jeremy and April couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to celebrate with their amazing family and friends – and all the details, large (April is a competitive bagpiper, so that was a necessity) and small (strings of photos of the couple and those they love – including the groom’s beloved dog who had recently passed away), represented a couple that is authentic in all they do, including the way they love each other.

In the immortal theme of a movie classic: They “Chose wisely”

So please choose to like if you like!

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